A Study in Hoist Design

BendPak vs. Rotary Two-Post ​Hoist

*Design features and specifications are subject to change. Please consult factories for updates.

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Recently, Rotary distributed a document favorably comparing a Rotary two-post hoist to a BendPak two-post hoist. Never ones to back down from a challenge, the BendPak engineering team responded the only way they knew how—with a thorough investigation of their own. After exhaustively reviewing the merits of both BendPak and Rotary standard 10,000-lb. capacity asymmetric two-post hoists, BendPak released the following report. In it, critical design features are compared, evaluated and illustrated in broad detail. The findings were enlightening, to say the least.

BendPak Engineering Report

Column / Front

BendPak's single-piece columns result in a stronger, longer-lasting structure.

Two Post Column Comparison

Column / Side

Note the difference in thickness between BendPak and Rotary.

BendPak Two Post Hoist Comparison

Column / Rear Bottom

BendPak's larger base offers a more stable lift.

Two Post Hoist Comparison

Column / Bottom Sheave

Increased sheave size and support.

BendPak Sheave Rollers

Column / Base Plate

Thicker base plates for maximum stability.

Two Post Baseplate

Column Assembly / BendPak® on Scale

BendPak offers heavier-duty, more rugged design.

BendPak Column Assembly

Column Assembly / Rotary® on Scale

Rotary column less heavy-duty than BendPak.

Rotary Column Assembly

Carriage / Front

Taller lift carriages reduce column stress and increase the hoist's lifespan.

BendPak Carriage

Carriage / Rear

BendPak locks are built into the full carriage, not included as a less stable extension piece.

Rotary Carriage

Carriage / Top View

Top view of BendPak's taller lift carriage.

BendPak Slide Blocks

Carriage / Top Dimensions

Wider carriage dimensions on BendPak.

BendPak Carriage Dimensions

Carriage / Safety Lock Thickness

BendPak safety locks are significantly thicker and better-built.

BendPak Safety Locks

Carriage / UHMW Slide Blocks

More slide blocks, more reliable design.

Rotary Slide Blocks

Carriage / Pin Hole Location

Reinforced top at carriage's pin hole location

BendPak Pin Hole Location

Carriage / Arm Attachment Location

Taller arm attachments.

Arm Attachment Location

Carriage / Top Plate Thickness

Thicker top plates on the lift carriage.

Top Plate Carriage Thickness

Carriage / Arm Restraints

Taller, more tightly designed restraints within carriage,

BendPak Arm Restraints

Carriage / BendPak® on Scale

BendPak lifts feature heavier-duty lift carriages.

BendPak Carriage Weight

Carriage / Rotary® on Scale

Rotary's smaller, less heavy-duty carriage

Rotary Carriage Weight

Arms / Side Detail

BendPak displays a more robust arm design from the side.

BendPak Lift Arms

Arms / Side Detail

Sturdier arm restraints with longer locking pin.

Rotary Lift Arms

Arms / Reach / Retracted

Retracted arm comparison.

BendPak Arm Reach

Arms / Reach / Extended

More reach with BendPak with arms fully extended.

Rotary Arm Reach

Arms / Construction

Difference in thickness of arm construction.

BendPak Arm Construction

Arms / Construction / Thickness

Thicker steel in each stage of telescoping arm to improve longevity.

BendPak Arm Thickness

Arms / Construction / Method

BendPak uses superior structural tubing vs. Rotary's multi-piece formed steel.

Construction Method

Arms / Construction / Underside

Great view of BendPak's overall arm construction compared to Rotary.

Underside Lift Arm Construction

Arms Set / BendPak® on Scale

Arms that are made to last.

Weight of BendPak Arm Set

Arms Set / Rotary® on Scale

Smaller and lighter in build than BendPak

Weight of Rotary Arm Set

Top Beam / Sheave Detail

BendPak offers oversized sheaves to last longer and cost less over time.

BendPak Top Beam Detail

Top Beam / Beam Construction

BendPak single-piece boxed channel beam construction vs. Rotary multi-piece construction.

Rotary Top Beam Construction

Top Beam / Top View

Wider, improved top beam construction with BendPak.

Top Beam Two Post Hoist

Hydraulic Cylinder / Rod End

Throttle valve opens to 100% max pump flow during lift rise, then close and reduce flow during descent.

BendPak Cylinder

Hydraulic Cylinder / Thickness

BendPak hydraulic cylinder offers 5/16" wall thickness with an integrated throttle valve vs. Rotary's 3/16" wall thickness with no throttle valve.

Rotary Cylinder Thickness

Hydraulic Cylinder / Full View

The comparable BendPak cylinder offers offers a full extra inch of stroke.

Rotary BendPak Cylinder Comparison

Equalizer Cables

BendPak uses larger 3/8" diameter cables (compared against Rotary's smaller 5/16" cable), as well as a larger threaded connector with an increased adjustment range.

Two Post Hoist Equalizer Cables

Cable Sheaves

Massive cable sheaves reduce wear on all moving components and result in a lower cost of ownership.

Two Post Hoist Cable Sheaves

Power Unit

Superior electric-hydraulic power units with BendPak.

BendPak Power Unit

Features-Specifications Comparison

Compare BendPak car hoist features and specs to Rotary.

Features and Specifications Comparison

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