A Study in Hoist Design

Cheap Two-Post ​Hoist vs. BendPak

Non-certified bargain brand ​hoist vs. BendPak® XPR-10* series two-post car hoists

*Design features and specifications are subject to change. Please consult factories for updates.

After exhaustively reviewing the merits of both BendPak® and a typical non-certified bargain asymmetric two-post hoists, the BendPak® team released the following report. In it, critical design features are compared, evaluated and illustrated in broad detail.

BendPak vs. Cheap Hoist

The truth behind cheap hoists

Established hoist manufacturing companies will proudly place their brand name on their product. Unfortunately, many hoist “brands” are just labels fabricated by dealers supplying these products as their own. If you find an auto hoist that interests you, be sure to search for an informative and detailed manufacturing company website, or at least a brochure. Also check to see if there are multiple dealers offering the same brand for sale. Some dealers may bill themselves as exclusive suppliers, but only for a brand that they created. If you can’t find solid, verifiable information relating to the actual manufacturer of any given automotive hoist , or if only a very limited number of dealers even sell the hoist, you are probably best off searching for alternative options.

Cheap is not value

Value is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days. Everyone is looking for the best value whenever they purchase something. Equipment retailers have latched on to this idea; they try to position themselves as “value leaders” by offering cheap products at low prices.

But when you think about the true meaning of value, two primary things should be considered. (1) How much you’re paying and (2) what you’re getting for that amount. Discount hoist retailers want you to forget about the second part of the equation. They claim to provide the best value, but they are only providing you the best price. Business owners know that they need to consider the overall cost of the automotive hoist throughout its entire life of service. The checklist is slightly different for home users who don’t plan on earning revenue off of the purchase. For them, saving a couple hundred bucks can still mean the difference between enjoying time in the garage and having a total service nightmare.

While an expensive car ​hoist will not always mean high-quality materials, an exceptionally low-priced automotive hoist will almost certainly be cheaply made. That means no engineering to speak of, compromised safety systems and thinner steel. These are the kinds of things that can cost a business owner untold thousands of dollars in damage or downtime.

Make sure you get what you pay for

Car enthusiasts are willing to spend thousands of dollars on their beautiful automobiles, but they senselessly cut corners on the very thing that holds the cars up. There’s nothing wrong with shopping around for a good price, but make sure you are willing to at least pay for the value you hope to get out of your new car hoist.

The purpose of this study

At BendPak, we believe the customer should always get what he or she wants. The best way to do that is for the customer to have all the information available. However, it’s difficult for the average consumer to do their own ​hoist comparison, particularly when the true manufacturer of many hoists is kept secret by the reseller.

This is where we come in

We purchased one of the more popular no-name hoists on the market that are sold on many websites under a variety brand names. There is a very good reason why these hoists are sold for hundreds of dollars less than a BendPak. Check out this side-by-side comparison and determine for yourself which hoist is safer and which is really the better value.

Column Front

BendPak single-piece columns are stronger, safer.

Rotary Two Post Hoist Comparison

Column Side

Side view of column comparison.

Car Hoist Comparison Side

Column / Side Bottom

Wider, sturdier baseplates from BendPak.

BendPak Car Hoist Side Bottom

Column / Rear Bottom

BendPak baseplate comparison.

Two Post Baseplate

Certification Label

BendPak ALI Certified label

Certification Label

Warning Label

Warning label on a cheap, uncertified hoist.

Warning Labels

Column Assembly / BendPak® on Scale

BendPak column weighs in at 246 kg.

BendPak Column Assembly Weight

Column Assembly / Other on Scale

Uncertified hoist column weighs in at ​207 kg. Where's all the engineering gone?

Other Column Assembly Weight

Carriage / Front

The taller lift carriage is critical for user safety and hoist preservation.

Carriage Front

Carriage / Back

More locking positions on a taller, single-piece carriage. Lock nubs are welded for permanent hold and true peace-of-mind.

Carriage Back

Carriage / Top View

Top view of taller carriage.

Carriage Top View

Carriage / UHMW Slide Bocks

Beefier slide blocks are zero-maintenance for lifespan of hoist.

Slide Blocks

Carriage / Top Dimensions

Compare carriage top dimensions.

Top Dimensions

Carriage / Arm Attachment Location

Raised arm attachment location and a better-engineered product.

Arm Attachment Location

Carriage / Arm Attachment Holes

Reinforced arm attachment holes.

BendPak Attachment Holes

Carriage / Arm Restraint

BendPak's robust arm restraint leaves no room for doubt which is the superior design.

Carriage Arm Restraint

Carriage / BendPak® on Scale

Lift carriage is twice as heavy as uncertified hoist.

BendPak Carriage Weight

Carriage / Other on Scale

Revealed to be much lighter-duty when put on the scale and compared to BendPak.

Other Carriage Weight

Arms / Detail

Large BendPak arm restraint vs. competition

Arm Screw Comparison

Arms / Side Detail

Side view of arm restraints shows BendPak's superiority.

Car Hoist Screw Heights

Arms / Reach / Retracted

With lifting arms retracted, hoists look similar.

Arms Retracted

Arms / Reach / Extended

With arms extended, BendPak is the clear winner.

Arms Extended

Arms / Construction / Method

Arm comparison, new angle.

Arm Construction Method

Arms / Construction / Underside

Underside hoist arm comparison.

Arm Construction Underside

Arm Set / BendPak® on Scale

BendPak arms weigh in at 181 kg.

BendPak Arm Weight

Arm Set / Other on Scale

Light-duty, uncertified arms weight only 161 kg.

Other on a Scale

Top Beam / Sheave Detail

Massive ​127 mm BendPak wire rope sheaves vs. smaller 76 mm competitor sheaves.

Sheave Detail

Top Beam / Top View

Top beam offers more security, superior welds and betters overall construction.

Top Beam View

Hydraulic Cylinder / Rod End

Far more seals on the BendPak cylinder rod end.

Hydraulic Cylinder

*Throttle valve opens to 100% max pump flow during rise, then closes and reduces flow during descent.

Hydraulic Cylinder

Hydraulic Cylinder / Full View

BendPak full cylinder is significantly longer than the competition.

Hydraulic Cylinder / Full View

Equalizer Cables

Larger, stronger aircraft-quality cables come from BendPak.

Equalizer Cables

Column Sheaves

Massive column sheaves from BendPak will drastically increase the lifecycle of your hoist.

Column Sheaves

Upper Sheaves

Upper sheaves are equally sized the BendPak hoist, but much smaller on the competitor's ​hoist.

Upper Sheaves

Power Unit

Power unit size and quality comparison.

Power Unit Comparison

Tuxedo and BendPak Comparison

See an overview of our BendPak vs. Tuxedo two-post hoist comparison.

Specifications and features comparison chart