4-Post Jacking Beams for Full Wheel Service

A rolling jacking beam is the only way to turn a four-post hoist into a full-service car hoist. Each frame-engaging jack lifts one-half of your car, and two will raise all four wheels off the runways. Wheel service becomes a cinch, and your BendPak might be the last hoist you ever purchase for service and vehicle storage.

BendPak offers seven jacking beam models that are designed to hold between 2,041-kg. and ​11,340-kg. each. Each jack is placed on top of a four-post hoist, so it can ​slide between the runways. It elevates the frame of your vehicle to permit access to the wheels. ​Jacking beams help get the most out of your car lift and dramatically increase your service abilities. You'll be able to change tires without sending your wheels across the street. Simply balance them on your own wheel balancer. If you purchased an alignment lift and wheel aligner, you can perform full alignment services after returning fresh, balanced tires and wheels to the car. By not having to change ​hoists, you revolutionise your workflow with greater efficiency, and ultimately, more profit.

RBJ4500 2,041-kg. Capacity / Jacking Beam

RBJ4500 (5175988)

2,041-kg. Capacity / Jacking Beam

BendPak RBJ4500 jacking beams are designed to hold up to 2,041-kg. Use this sliding jacking beam with your BendPak HD-9 four-post series car hoist for increased versatility and productivity.

RBJ6000 2,722-kg. Capacity / Jacking Beam

RBJ6000 (5175987)

2,722-kg. Capacity / Jacking Beam

This 2,722-kg. capacity jacking beam is specifically designed for use with the Quatra scissor lift. The RBJ6000 provides you with the ability and added versatility to raise the wheels off the runways of your scissor lift.

RBJ7000 3,175-kg. Capacity / Jacking Beam

RBJ7000 (5175986)

3,175-kg. Capacity / Jacking Beam

This 3,175-kg. capacity Jacking Beam is made for an HD-14 four-post hoist. Each jacking beam comes complete with three safety-lock positions and stackable pad adapters to provide added clearance when needed.

RBJ9000 4,082-kg. Capacity / Jacking Beam

RBJ9000 (5175985)

4,082-kg. Capacity / Jacking Beam

BendPak’s 4,082-kg. capacity jacking beam is ideal for use on the HDS-18E four-post hoist, especially if your vehicles have an unbalanced center of gravity. This jack is ideal for heavier trucks and SUVs.

RBJ15000 6,804-kg. Capacity / Rolling Bridge Jack

RBJ15000 (5175031)

6,804-kg. Capacity / Rolling Bridge Jack

Our 6,804-kg. capacity bridge jack is made just for the HDS-35 four-post hoist. This particular car lift is truly made for massive trucks and commercial equipment. Check out the RBJ15000 jack if you need to perform full wheel service on heavy-duty vehicles.

RBJ18000 8,164 kg. Capacity / Rolling Bridge Jack

RBJ18000 (5175032)

8,164 kg. Capacity / Rolling Bridge Jack

The powerful 8,164-kg capacity RBJ18000 rolling bridge jack is made for use with your HD-35 4-Post series lift. Sometimes a vehicle’s centre of gravity isn’t in the exact middle of the vehicle. Even a 13,608-kg vehicle might require a jack that is rated for more than half the vehicle’s weight.

RBJ25000 11,340-kg. Capacity / Rolling Bridge Jack

RBJ25000 (5175033)

11,340-kg. Capacity / Rolling Bridge Jack

This is our most powerful rolling bridge jack ever, with 11,340-kg. of muscle meant to service some of the biggest commercial fleets on earth. Use this jack on the 18,144-kg. capacity HDS40 truck lift to perform wheel service on almost any heavy-duty vehicle on wheels.

Accommodate an Incredible Variety of Vehicle Types

BendPak's scissor-style ​jacking beams offer peerless jacking speed and convenience. One unit provides you with the ability to raise two wheels off the hoist runways, while two jacks can lift the entire car for full wheel service. Their exclusive telescoping roller design adjusts to different tread widths, so you don’t need an adapter to work on a variety of vehicles. Reaching factory-approved jacking points has never been easier, and precision rollers enable you to position them anywhere beneath the car.

Please note: each jack would ideally lift half the weight of your car or truck, but the centre of gravity may not be the dead-centre of the lifted vehicle. You must know the weight distribution of each vehicle before placing jacking beam, so you don’t accidentally overload one of the jacks. In some cases, ​jacking beams in the front and back of the vehicle being lifted require different hoist capacities.

BendPak offers seven four-post bridge jacks:

  • RBJ4500 / 2,041 kg.
  • RBJ6000 / 2,722 kg.
  • RBJ7000 / 3,175 kg.
  • RBJ9000 / 4,082 kg.
BendPak 4-Post Rolling Bridge Jacks

Two Jacks Make One Full Set

While you can certainly use a single jacking beam effectively in your garage, two jacks work together to effectively replace a two-post hoist or scissor​ lift. Sliding two hydraulic jacks along the inner lift platforms is effortless. An airline kit will let both units share the same air compressor source without requiring you to unplug or reconnect any hoses. Stackable pad adapters come standard with every purchase. Enjoy the view!

Note: Not all BendPak hoist models meet the standards as prescribed by ANSI/ALI ALCTV-2017 or ANSI/UL 201. Consult www.autolift.org for a complete list or contact BendPak via contact@bendpak.com.