BendPak Policies and User Rights Agreement

IMPORTANCE NOTICE: Information contained in this section may not reflect the terms and conditions of our international distribution network. For the most accurate information, please contact us.

At BendPak, we value your privacy and take every effort to protect your rights as your navigate our pages and explore our product offerings. This ​section is intended to transparently lay out guidelines for using this site and purchasing our products, including disclaimers, our general privacy policy and other terms and conditions.


BendPak Inc. holds rights to its trademarks and other proprietary material. This section also explains the liabilities of using BendPak products. These policies are very common in most businesses, and they remain relevant to all BendPak customers.

Privacy Policy

When you purchase equipment, give us your contact information or disclose other personal information about your person or business, you have a right to expect confidentiality and security in any and all information disclosures. We never share your information with third parties without receiving explicit consent. This section covers your privacy rights when you visit our site.

Terms and Conditions

Once an order has been placed, BendPak and the Buyer become contractually bound to uphold certain aspects of the agreement, including payment terms. This section covers such pertinent terms and conditions.