A Study in Hoist Design

Mid-Rise Lift vs. BendPak

BendPak® MD-6XP* vs. value brands*

*Design features and specifications are subject to change. Please consult factories for updates. BENDPAK® and RANGER PRODUCTS® are registered trademarks of BendPak Inc.

The BendPak MD​-6XP mid-rise lift has long topped the most-wanted list for auto professionals and DIY'ers alike. They’re excellent for home use because they fit in low-ceiling garages, but auto detailers, custom shops and repair bays alike find use for them.

After exhaustively reviewing the merits of both BendPak and off-brand lift mid-rise car lifts, the BendPak team released the following report. In it, critical design features are compared. We hope this is an eye-opening experience for you.

The truth behind cheap hoists

Established hoist manufacturing companies will proudly place their brand name on their product. Unfortunately, many hoist “brands” are just labels fabricated by dealers supplying these products as their own. If you find an auto hoist that interests you, be sure to search for an informative and detailed manufacturing company website, or at least a brochure. Also check to see if there are multiple dealers offering the same brand for sale. Some dealers may bill themselves as exclusive suppliers, but only for a brand that they created. If you can’t find solid, verifiable information relating to the actual manufacturer of any given automotive hoist, or if only a very limited number of dealers even sell the hoist, you are probably best off searching for alternative options.

Cheap is not value

Value is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days. Everyone is looking for the best value whenever they purchase something. Equipment retailers have latched on to this idea; they try to position themselves as “value leaders” by offering cheap products at low prices.

But when you think about the true meaning of value, two primary things should be considered. (1) How much you’re paying and (2) what you’re getting for that amount. Discount hoist retailers want you to forget about the second part of the equation. They claim to provide the best value, but they are only providing you the best price. Business owners know that they need to consider the overall cost of the automotive hoist throughout its entire life of service. The checklist is slightly different for home users who don’t plan on earning revenue off of the purchase. For them, saving a couple hundred bucks can still mean the difference between enjoying time in the garage and having a total service nightmare.

While an expensive car hoist will not always mean high-quality materials, an exceptionally low-priced automotive hoist will almost certainly be cheaply made. That means no engineering to speak of, compromised safety systems and thinner steel. These are the kinds of things that can cost a business owner untold thousands of dollars in damage or downtime.

Make sure you get what you pay for

Car enthusiasts are willing to spend thousands of dollars on their beautiful automobiles, but they senselessly cut corners on the very thing that holds the cars up. There’s nothing wrong with shopping around for a good price, but make sure you are willing to at least pay for the value you hope to get out of your new car hoist.

The purpose of this study

At BendPak, we believe the customer should always get what he or she wants. The best way to do that is for the customer to have all the information available. However, it’s difficult for the average consumer to do their own hoist comparison, particularly when the true manufacturer of many hoists is kept secret by the reseller.

This is where we come in

We purchased one of the most popular no-name hoists on the market today, the Tuxedo. Tuxedo supplies imported car hoists to many different companies, who in turn market them under many different names and model numbers throughout North America. Check out this side-by-side comparison and determine for yourself which company offers the better value.

Top Views

Top-side comparison of BendPak mid-rise lift vs. competition.

Mid-Rise Car Lift Top Views

Power Units

Compare design integrity of power units.

Mid-Rise Car Lift Power Units

Mid-Rise Lift Power Sources

BendPak features cleaner, thicker wiring.

Rotary Two Post Hoist Comparison

BendPak Mid-Rise Lift Pad Stoppers

Full grip on pad stoppers vs. only partial wrap on value brand.

Car Hoist Comparison Side

Value Brand Pad Stoppers

Mid-Rise Car Lift Value Brand Pad Stoppers

Underside Arm Pads

Cleaner, superior welds on BendPak arm pad undersides.

Mid-Rise Car Lift Value Brand Pad Stoppers

Pad Width Comparison

Circular pads offer same width as square pads, as well as a better hold.

Mid-Rise Car Lift Pad Widths

Extended Pad Height Comparison

BendPak extended pads don't warp over time, and last longer than thin square pads.

Mid-Rise Car Lift Extended Pad Height Comparison

Value Brand Pad vs. Screw Height

Value brand's pad does not rise above screw. Will pose problems during some lifting applications.

Mid-Rise Car Lift Screw Height vs. Pad Height

Pivot Points, Top of Arms

Comparison of pivoting arms.

Mid-Rise Car Lift Arm Pivot Range

Arm Lengths

BendPak arm is wider, more durable.

Mid-Rise Car Lift Arm Lengths

Arm Widths

Clear view of BendPak's arm width for increased support.

Mid-Rise Car Lift Arm Widths

Center Lock Bar Widths

Wider center lock bars improve lock integrity and structural support.

Mid-Rise Car Lift Center Lock Bar Widths

Center Lock Bar Attachment

Dual welded pivots and thicker lock bar only seen on the BendPak mid-rise lift.

Mid-Rise Car Lift Center Lock Bar Attachment

Safety Lock Assemblies

"Other" brand's lock assembly appears rickety in comparison to BendPak.

Mid-Rise Car Lift Safety Lock Assemblies

Side-View Safety Lock Assemblies

BendPak features automatic, hands-free safety lock.

Mid-Rise Car Lift Safety Lock Assemblies

Value Brand Safety Lock Release

Value brand requires manual hand release for safety lock.

Value Brand Safety Lock Release

Cylinder Widths

BendPak's cylinder is significantly more robust than other brand's.

Mid-Rise Lift Cylinder Widths

Hose Attachments

Protective & convenient hose attachments not available on value brand.

Mid-Rise Lift Hose Attachments

Back Bottom Cross Bar Widths

Wider cross bars increase lifespan of the hoist and improve safety, reliability during use.

Mid-Rise Car Lift Back Bottom Cross Bar Widths

BendPak Cylinder Attachments

Highly developed and overengineered for user safety and product longevity.

Mid-Rise Car Lift Cylinder Attachments

Value Brand Cylinder Attachments

Cylinder attachments are smaller, higher maintenance over time.

Mid-Rise Car Lift BendPak Solid Steel Torsion Bar

BendPak Solid Steel Torsion Bar

Torsion bar design on BendPak.

Mid-Rise Car Lift Value Brand Cylinder Attachments

Value Brand Torsion Bar

Compare size and quality of torsion bar design to BendPak.

Mid-Rise Car Lift Value Brand Cylinder Attachments

Bottom Cylinder Attachments

Rugged cylinder attachments nowhere to be found on value brand.

Mid-Rise Car Lift Bottom Cylinder Attachments

Bottom Cylinder Attachments

Notice weaker, less skillful welds and cylinder attachments.

Mid-Rise Car Lift Bottom Cylinder Attachments

Base Tubing

Base tubing on BendPak prevents contamination, rust.

Mid-Rise Car Lift Base Tubing

Leg Pivot Points

Compare BendPak's superior welding on leg pivot points.

Mid-Rise Car Lift Leg Pivot Points

Minimum Platform Height

Compare height of full collapsed platforms.

Mid-Rise Car Lift Minimum Platform Height

BendPak Cross Support Beams

Better engineering can reduce footprint while supplying higher quality materials.

Mid-Rise Car Lift Cross Support Beams

Value Brand Cross Support Beams

Wider footprint on value brand.

Mid-Rise Car Lift Value Brand Cross Support Beams

Wheel Support

Thicker, more durable caster featured on BendPak mid-rise lift.

Mid-Rise Car Lift Wheel Support

Arm Range of Motion

BendPak movable arm safely provides increased range of motion, increased access to wheelbases. Value brand pivots at a fixed position for more limited functionality.

Mid-Rise Car Lift Arm Range of Motion