​BendPak on TV

This section is meant to spotlight the garages, auto shops and car societies that chose BendPak for their equipment needs. Plus, they're all featured on major network television stations! That kind of exposure shows a high level of success and demands the best equipment. Enter BendPak.

BendPak As Seen On TV Brochure

BendPak As Seen On TV

Just about anyone who’s anyone in the auto business knows BendPak. Sometimes that's because they work on cars from home, and sometimes it's because they watch all the big shows on Discovery Channel, History Channel, Velocity, etc. What follows is a large (but not even full) list of the most successful and recognized gearheads who choose BendPak for their auto equipment needs.​

BendPak Seen-On-TV Channels and Networks

Every month, we hear about new shows; that means new adventures, new car projects and new mods. We can barely keep up! More often than not, the wrenchers on these shows ask us to supply their equipment. They all have something in common too. Each and every one of them says, "We need the best equipment in our shop. We have millions of eyes on us every week, and we can't look like we don't know what we're doing with the gear." BendPak is the hoist and equipment provider of choice for a reason. We're the best!

If you're excited to watch these shows lives or just want a good reference library for car shows you could be streaming, check out the programs on this list. Some will bring back fond memories of days gone by, and some are probably airing right this moment!

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