Bitchin' Rides

Dave Kindig founded Kindig-It Design well before the enterprise expanded into merchandise, auto parts, the Bitchin Rides hit TV show on Discovery Channel® and yes, a 4-year waiting period for anyone who wants one of its luxury car builds.

Dave Kindig Bitchin' Rides TV Show

Kindig-It Designs Garage Shop

Kindig epitomizes the phrase "keeping it real," and that's hard to do when your clients are exclusively multi-millionaires and billionaires. Kindig told a newspaper located in his hometown of Salt Lake City, “I sell stuff that’s really expensive that nobody really needs." Let's face it, that's as honest as it gets. Sure, nobody needs a '66 twin turbo Nova with 2,220 HP. But then again, you only live once, right?

Dave Kindig Bitchin' Rides BendPak Hoists

If you tune into Bitchin' Rides, you're going to see a ton of BendPak hoists. Dave loves working with us, and we love working with him! He's a man with zero tolerance for failing equipment and downtime, so he absolutely insists on having reliable equipment. We're biased, but we think he'd agree that no one beats BendPak's best.

As far as TV shows go, Bitchin' Rides is the opposite of anything canned or scripted. When you produce cars of this caliber, like Kindig does, you can't mass produce the finished products. That means his might be working on 16-22 cars at once, and each one takes about a year to finish. The camera crews that film the show are basically just there to record what goes on in the shop. Kindig spends about 45 minutes per week talking to the cameras, and the rest is simply what happens in the shop: building, arguing, bantering, etc. Discovery Channel isn't paying for these cars, either, so Dave's livelihood depends on his ability to produce the way he did before fame and riches found him.

BendPak Four-Post Hoist Kindig-It Designs Bitchin' Rides

Bitchin' Rides is a great program that we highly recommend to everyone. Each episode takes place over the course of a year or so, which means you get to see what goes into making a high 6-figure car build from start-to-finish.