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Ranger NextGen™ Series T​yre Changers Have Arrived

Need help understanding some of our tyre changer features? We created this page just for you. The following information describes features functions and capabilities found on our tyre changers.

Not all Ranger tyre changers are equipped with each feature. Refer to our tyre changers for complete details for each respective tyre changing equipment.

Ranger Tyre Changer Adjustable Rim Guard Clamps

RimGuard™ Wheel Clamps

​These wheel clamps provide expanded wheel clamping range and feature internal and external multi‐teeth jaws. Adjustment is fast and easy to keep wheels rolling through your shop.


Ranger Products Variable Speed Demonstration Video

Bead Breaker Blade

A multi-axis, adjustable bead breaker blade can be found on each Ranger tyre changer to provide multi-angle tyre capacity settings that accommodate a larger variety of tyre and wheel combinations.



Power-Drop Upper Bead Roller

Power-drop top bead assist roller helps loosen stubborn beads for tyre-tool clearance and also holds top beads in place during installation of tough sidewall tyres.


Ranger Products Variable Speed Demonstration Video

Tilt-Back Tower

Ranger tilt-back tyre changer models feature a tilting tower design that provides greater clearance and access for tyre removal and inflation. The pneumatically locking tool head stays positioned on the tower return for instant setup (works for like sets of tyres and wheels).


Ranger Products Variable Speed Demonstration Video

TurboBlast Best Seater

The TurboBlast™ bead seating system on your new Ranger tyre changer is capable of blasting a powerful air burst between the tyre and rim to help seat stubborn beads fast.


Ranger Products Variable Speed Demonstration Video

Variable Speed Turntable

Variable speed control allows operators to match turntable rotational speed and torque with varied tyre and wheel combinations. Choose high or low turntable speeds to minimize tyre damage and to reduce the amount of time it takes to dismount and mount tyres. 208-240V, 50/60HZ, 1-phase power is required.


Ranger Products Variable Speed Demonstration Video

Optional Accessories

Optional accessories include ATV turntable clamps, a pneumatic wheel lift and our exclusive wheel protection kit. Fully customize and optimize your shop’s service capabilities to get the most out of your tyre changer.


At Ranger Products, we're perpetually adding new products worthy of the Ranger brand and improving on existing designs. Ranger is truly your single-source for reliable, quality garage equipment. Our staggering selection of tyre changing equipment, wheel balancing equipment, general wheel service equipment and tyre equipment makes it easy to find what you need all in one place. Don’t waste your time with the other guys—get it done right the first time with Ranger wheel service products.