All BendPak Inc. affiliated logos are specifically designed for easy brand identification across all digital and print channels. This ensures that BendPak customers and general consumers know that they are looking at authentic BendPak products. Size, color and image quality must adhere to the following design conventions. If you have been given permission to use our logos, please use these downloads, and do not alter them in any way.

BendPak Logos

Ranger Logos

General guidelines

Please feel welcome to use the downloadable logos on this page to represent BendPak and its affiliated brands (QuickJack, Autostacker, etc.).

Remember, all logos are trademarked property of BendPak Inc. For your protection, do not reproduce these logos without the explicit permission of a qualified BendPak representative. A qualified representative is available to take your question or request at

Why these guidelines exist

We are dedicated to expressing a clear and consistent image to consumers. In this day and age, it's frustrating when unprofessional labeling leads us to question the legitimacy of a brand, dealer or advertiser. So, we have established this Standards Manual to ensure consistent use of trademarked logos, photographs and other copyrighted intellectual properties.

We need you to help us out! Any organization or company that intends to use or distribute our owned material must comply with all aspects of these our Standards Manual. This usage includes instances of licensing, printing, advertising or any other reproduction of same. All reproductions should comply with BendPak Inc.’s Graphic / Trademark Intellectual Property Standards Manual.

BendPak must review the graphic design and content of printing for compliance with this Standards Manual.

How can you help prevent the misuse of any BendPak owned works?

  • Follow these guidelines
  • Report any violations

If you have any questions, or would like to report a violation, please contact us: