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A few years back, we got an exclusive all-access look behind the scenes of the Adam Carolla CarCast tutorial segment “Tyre Job.” What follows is a recap of that experience. Unfortunately, the full podcast is only available to CarCast subscribers.

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Host Sandy Ganz gives you a demonstration of how easy it is to change a tyre when you have the best tools for the job. In this case, the best tools include the Ranger tyre changer, a BendPak low-rise car lift and a Ranger wheel balancer for extra credit. The tyres in question come from an old ’65 Mustang convertible his buddy Donny is intermittently restoring, but he leaves Sandy to do the tyre job himself.

That’s fine, because Sandy goes through step-by-step how to change a tyre in what turns out to be a pretty entertaining tyre-changing tutorial video. First he demounts and deflates the tyre before breaking the bead with the aid of the bead-breaking blade on the side of the tyre changer. Sandy takes a short intermission from the tyre changing how-to segment and shows us the WRONG way to re-seat a tyre bead with the WRONG tools​. Sandy vows to never mount a tyre with Quick Start again and gets back to work.

Ranger Wheel Service Adam Carolla

After breaking the bead all over again, Sandy clamps the outside of the 14” rim on the tyre changer turntable and lubricates the rubber around the wheel. Then he sets the mount / de-mount head tool between the rim and the tyre, wedges the included pry bar into the open space and rotates the turntable. The tyre comes off “easy as pie.” He does the same to the bottom of the tyre and then replaces the valve stem with a shiny new one for Donny.

Ranger Shop Crane Adam Carolla

Next in the tyre changing how-to video from the Adam Carolla CarCast, Sandy needs to put the replacement tyre onto the wheel. He re-clamps the rim securely into the tyre changer’s turntable, inspects the sealing bead for obstructions and lubricates the brand new tyre. Sandy does a decent job of shoving the tyre on the wheel by hand before bringing in the mount / de-mount head tool and the turntable’s rotation to push the tyre into the sealing bead, all without the aid of a pry bar. Once he reseats the bead with the included air hose, Sandy is all set to balance the Mustang’s new tyre on the Ranger DST-Series wheel balancer.

Adam Carolla Garage BendPak

Sandy begins wheel balancing procedures by locking in the tyre with the included wheel balancer adapters and inputting the parameters into the control panel. Then, he lowers the safety shield and lets the machine spin the wheel to detect the current balance. Following the information on the readout, Sandy selects the appropriate weights and sticks them where the wheel balancer suggests. Again, he lowers the shield and tests the weight. Sandy determines that the slight remaining imbalance is fine for Donny’s old Mustang and finishes up by remounting the wheel with a torque wrench.

Naturally, we’re only too happy to see Ranger equipment making garage life better. Here’s some of the things Adam and Sandy have to say about owning Ranger wheel service equipment.

Sandy: “We got tired of idiots wrecking our rims and leaving blobs of goo. You’ve got to have this kind of equipment.”

Adam: “And you use it no problem.”

Sandy: “Yeah. I remember I was thinking I only have to change like 6,000 tyres to break even but it’s the satisfaction of knowing that some jerk-off isn’t going to smash my three-piece rims or put on a whole bunch of tyre goo...”