Ryan Friedlinghaus

BendPak has had a working relationship with Ryan for over 15 years. When they need a ​hoist or piece of garage shop equipment, they turn to us for the latest and greatest two-post hoist, four-post hoist, wheel balancer, or tyre changer in our arsenal. A walk through their shop in Burbank, CA reveals more than just a wide array of BendPak hoist series. A full suite of wheel service equipment can be found lining their walls. At almost any given time, someone in the World Famous West Coast Customs™ building is working on a BendPak or Ranger product.

Ryan is as big a fan of BendPak as we are of him. “BendPak has always been there,” he says in an exclusive BendPak interview. “BendPak has provided us with hoists, the Ranger tyre machines, the work benches, the tool boxes—everything that we need to get through our day.”

As a division of BendPak, our QuickJack car hoist was featured on season 5, episode 4 of Inside West Coast Customs. They customized a Ford Raptor and Mustang for us. ‘Murica!

BendPak and Ryan have similar philosophies: we don’t suffer fools or foolish products. Each car hoist we manufacture means a lot to us, and timing is everything. Why BendPak? As Ryan says, “When we’re up against these tight deadlines... I can’t have anything in my shop that’s gonna fail.”

Likewise, we simply can’t afford to make a car hoist that’s going to fail on anyone, or we lose business. There’s a reason why the best only play with the best.