Best Car Hoist Guide

Finding a Car ​Hoist Dealer and Manufacturer You Can Trust

Choosing a manufacturer and dealer is a critical a step in the whole car hoist purchasing process. While low-quality manufacturers or dealers might be able to offer you a cheaper price, the person you want to do business with will be able to give you a higher level of customer service, a better buying experience and a much lower overall cost of ownership.

Easy-to-find information

Shopping around is always an excellent strategy, regardless of anyone’s guarantees. Finding key information about the manufacturer and the dealer should take little more than a Google search. If a brand name or product is worth being proud of, companies will overwhelm you with detailed information and have it prominently displayed where everyone can see it. If instead a dealer or manufacturer forces you to call in for more information, then it’s likely a technique to just get you on the phone. Other information such as manufacturer of origin, company reputation, ALI / ETL membership status and customer support numbers should all be equally simple to find.

Company longevity

Experience can also make all the difference. The longer a company has been in business, the more opportunities it has had to perfect its art and make a name for itself. The world of automotive hoists is very competitive, so the fly-by-night companies are unable stay in business long. Where does that leave all of their customers for support and parts? Don’t be caught in that trap. Take a hard look at how long the company’s doors have been open. That goes double for a car ​hoist manufacturer.

See what others say

It’s also a good idea to speak with other hobbyists or shop owners who own and operate car hoists on a daily basis. Who do they buy their automotive ​hoists from? Why? The internet is an incredibly powerful resource and has given voice to formally silent consumers. Searching car enthusiast and mechanic message boards is a great strategy for getting first-hand information about the product, the dealer and the manufacturer.

Another solid strategy is to check out Ripoff Report to see if anyone you’re planning on doing business with has been accused of shady dealings in the past. Ripoff Report isn't a definitive source for reliable consumer information, but it may make you think twice.

In-state vs. out-of-state

Sometimes you’ll find that the right dealer for you is outside of your state. Don’t be intimidated; many car hoist owners have discovered that there are tangible benefits to purchasing their garage equipment out of state.

When you purchase a hoist outside of your state, local sales tax no longer applies to the purchase. This can mean big savings for the consumer, especially if the dealer offers free shipping.

After-sale support

How the dealer and manufacturer act towards you after they have your money in hand is one of the most telling signs of a company’s priorities. Find out how comprehensive their customer service is. Do they provide inspection and maintenance for their auto hoists, or do they refer you to someone else? These questions are important to ask before you decide to buy.

Without regular maintenance, your car ​hoist will age three times as fast as a well-serviced unit. Shop owners know that when their automotive hoist malfunctions, every minute is revenue lost. You need a dealer that recognizes the importance of timely, courteous support and will respond accordingly to each situation.

It should be noted that few dealers will service the equipment they sell. Instead, the car hoist manufacturer should contract with local installers and service centers to make sure a qualified specialist is nearby to handle your maintenance needs.

The qualifications of the actual technicians who will be servicing and repairing your car hoist are worth taking a look at. See if you can meet them before money changes hands. Make sure they are factory trained and close enough for quick-response, regardless of whether you’re going to buy your new car hoist through a distributor or a manufacturer.

You can find more great tips on choosing a car hoist dealer or manufacturer here.

Your final answer

Reputable manufacturers and dealers will provide you with nearly identical tips contained in this car hoist buyer’s guide. If the information doesn’t match up, buyer beware! The car hoist dealer or manufacturer should ask you about your specific automotive lifting needs, where you plan on installing your car hoist and any special circumstances you might have before they give you their recommendation. Aggressive salesmen may try to upsell you on a much larger capacity car hoist or hastily explain that their square peg fits all round holes. But by now you know better.

If possible, see if someone in the organization is willing to come out and inspect your proposed automobile lifting bay. Not only will this give the dealer a solid idea of what your specific situation is, but you’ll also get to meet him or her face to face.

As soon as you have narrowed down your list of manufacturers and dealers, it’s time to start gathering quotes. This is also the time to look into what is included in each proposal. Make sure you get quotes for warranties, maintenance plans, training, installation and finally delivery from each dealer. Keep organized notes, so it’s easy to compare the different prices in the next step.