Car Dollies by Ranger

RCD-1500 Stand

SKU# 5150600

GoCart Storage Stand / Stores Four Units / Fits RCD-1500 / RCD-1500EX Models

The GoCart stow-and-go mobile storage rack is the perfect place to keep your GoCart mobile wheel jacks. Four dollies fit in this stand.

GoCart Car Dolly Storage Stand by Ranger Products
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Exclusive Storage Rack Holds Set of Four GoCart™ Car Dollies

This rugged tubular steel storage rack holds up to four GoCart auto carts. Simple pedestal mounting loads and unloads in seconds. Four swivel casters allow you to roll to the work area or out of the way for storage.

Each dolly holds up to 680 kg., so a full set lifts a 2,722 kg. vehicle with ease. GoCart is perfect for low-profile sports cars, as well as higher-clearance trucks and SUVs. Confidently and safely move vehicles around your garage, even if they’re missing components (such as a working engine) necessary to make them run. One or two operators can easily roll a vehicle wherever you need it. When you’re finished moving those vehicles, you’ll have all four dollies back on the rack in just a couple of minutes.

See how the GoCart storage rack integrates perfectly with the GoCart vehicle positioning jacks in the demo video below.

The storage rack is the perfect complement to your GoCart dolly set. Operation procedures for the GoCart mobile car and truck jack could not be simpler. Just extend the telescoping GoCart to its maximum width, then roll the GoCart over to the vehicle, so the aluminium rollers "hug" the tyre. Twist close the valve and repeatedly step on the foot pump. The GoCart rollers will quickly and smoothly engage the tyre and prop up that quarter of the vehicle. Once you have reached the desired height, secure the pump mechanism into place and insert the connected pin into one of the GoCart's elevation locks. Do this for each desired wheel and you'll experience GoCart's easy rolling dolly perfection in no time. Since each dolly has two locking mechanisms, you and your vehicle are guaranteed safe passage anywhere you go. The dolly will never slip out of place during transit.

Once the vehicle is lowered, simply roll the dolly away from the wheel, lift it and set it in the rack. Durable, non-marring urethane casters ensure the storage rack is safe and easy to use.


  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Holds four GoCart car dollies
  • Assembles in minutes
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Flat free moving polymer wheels for easy rolling


RCD-1500 Stand specs diagram
Load Rating
1500 lb (680 kg)
Tire Diameter Capacity
15” – 28” (381 mm – 711 mm)
Casters Diameter
4" (102 mm)
Stowed Dimensions
21” x 24” (533 mm x 610 mm)
Assembled Dimensions
19" x 31" x 9" (482 mm x 787 mm x 228 mm)