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Aluminium Ramps

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1,219 mm Aluminium Approach Ramp Kit / Pair

These optional aluminium approach ramps fit all BendPak HD-7 and HD-9 series hoists and replace the standard steel approach ramps. They're particularly useful for loading low ground-clearance vehicles.

Extended 1,219 mm Aluminium Approach Ramp Kit for 4-Post Hoists by BendPak
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Lightweight Aluminium Ramps are Preferred Among Professionals

The complete kit features a pair of low-profile ​aluminium ramps, quick-mount brackets and all the necessary hardware to make ramp removal and installation a cinch. Lightweight, low-profile ramps feature an attractive diamond plate finish that provides a non-slip surface.

Customer testimonial:

“I received my set of BendPak aluminium approach ramps this week, and for me they are a significant improvement over the steel ramps. I had two issues I was looking to resolve: lighter weight, as I want to keep the ramps off the four-post hoist whenever possible, and longer approach for low cars.

The aluminium ramps are much lighter (16 lbs. each vs. 42 lbs. each) which makes moving them around a non-issue. They attach to the lift via a supplemental bracket, which creates a vertical slot and eliminates the axle pin – much easier to remove and install. They still fit within the runways for storage.

My other issue is my low car was coming within a fraction of an inch of rubbing the bumper lip on the cross bar, so I wanted some longer ramps. The aluminium ramps are the same overall length as the steel ones but the ramp surface is 6" longer, so they don't overlap the lift runways. This made all the difference for me and I've now got almost 2" of clearance to the bumper.”

Thanks to “snowphun” on the Garage Journal forum for the kind remarks. We could not ask for a more glowing endorsement of our four-post car ​hoist ramps.


  • Attractive design
  • Fits HD-7 and HD-9 BendPak car ​hoists
  • Lightweight
  • Low-profile
  • Sturdy
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Aluminium Ramps Specifications

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