Car Lift Conclusions

Purchasing a new car hoist is no small matter. Regardless of whether you’re a shop owner or you just love working on cars in your own garage, you deserve to get more than the best car hoist for you--you deserve to have a pleasant time doing it. Just by following this simple car hoist guide, you’re already well on your way towards having the best auto hoist buying experience possible. Here’s a quick recap.

Do your homework:
Get all the various measurements and stats you can BEFORE you start shopping around for a car hoist. Knowing the dimensions of your work space, your vehicle’s weight class and what features are most important to you will keep you firmly on track.

Choose your hoist type:
There are at least nine different types of car hoists out there for you to consider. Each one comes with its own unique set of benefits. It’s important to match up the hoist type to your capacity needs, your work area, the type of work you perform and the vehicles you work on. Taking all these factors into consideration will make your list of optimal car hoist candidates get smaller and smaller, and your choice will be much simpler.

Know you’re safe:
Car hoists and truck hoists are completely safe at any maximum rated capacity as long as they have the proper safety features, are regularly serviced, pass inspection and are operated properly. The fastest way to determine if a car hoist is high-quality is to check to see if it is ALI / ETL certified.

We also gave you a list of different safety features. Compare the safety features built in to each car hoist that you’re considering and you’ll know immediately which one you’ll feel the most comfortable working under.

Choosing your dealer:
By now you’ve got the what--you know exactly what kind of hoist you are in the market for. Now it’s time to find out who you want to buy it from. Call around to find out what customer service is like from both the dealer and the manufacturer. Know before hand who will be handling your installation and future service. If you get a bad feeling about someone, don’t buy your car hoist from them. It’s that simple.

Cost vs. Price:
Getting the best deal will be completely determined in the long run by how much time, effort and headaches you avoid. Don’t be tempted by inferior products offered at a lower price. Pay what a safe, secure, high-quality auto hoist is actually worth to you. Also, check to see what is included in the price, like warranty and shipping--you might just end up with a steal of a deal anyways.

Final Tips:
DON’T buy used car hoists.
DON’T install your car lift on the edge of a concrete slab.
DON’T forget about overhead clearance.
DON’T forget about the cross bar on most two-post car lifts.
DON’T be afraid to negotiate.
DO consider upgrading your hoist's capacity for extended versatility.

We hope you have found this car hoist buyer’s guide to be helpful. Go forth and lift.

Lift strong. Lift smart. Lift safe.

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