• 2-Ton Aluminium Racing Jack / Quick-Pump
    • 2-Ton Long-Reach “Euro Style” Floor Jack
    • 3-Ton Super-Duty Garage Floor Jack
    • 3-Ton Professional Series Garage Floor Jack
    • 3-Ton Speedy Garage Floor Jack
    • 1-1/2 Ton Aluminum Quick Jack
    • 1-1/2 Ton Capacity Low Rider Super Long Garage Floor Jack
    • 2.5 -Ton Capacity Heavy-Duty “Low Rider” Garage Floor Jack
    • 3-Ton Capacity Heavy-Duty “Low Rider” Garage Floor Jack
    • 10-Ton Long-Frame Garage Floor Jack
    • 25-Ton Capacity Telescoping Air Bottle Jack

    Garage Floor Jacks

    A garage just feels empty without a bright, Ranger-red Floor Jack. Whether they're proudly doing their lifting duties or carefully tucked out of the way in a corner, our first-rate Ranger Garage Floor Jacks will never let you down—and that's good news considering the tremendous amount of weight Ranger Floor Jacks are capable of lifting. Our impressive line of garage floor jacks is carefully designed to accommodate a wide spectrum of weight capacities and lifting applications, easily lifting virtually anything you're likely to need raised in your shop or garage. 

     Model Capacity Lowered Height Raised Height Length
     RFJ-2TX 4,000 lbs. 3-1/2" 31-1/2" 37"
     RFJ-3T 6,000 lbs. 4-3/4" 20-1/2" 28"
     RFJ-3TP 6,000 lbs. 5-1/4" 19-1/4" 26"
     RFJ-3TQP 6,000 lbs. 5" 19-3/4" 25-1/2"
     RFJ-3000AL 3,000 lbs. 3-1/2" 17-3/4" 24"
    RFJ-4000AL  4,000 lbs.
     17-3/4" 24"
     RFJ-3000LPF 3,000 lbs. 2-3/4" 24" 34"
     RFJ-6HD 6,000 lbs. 3-5/8" 21" 27"
     RFJ-5000HD 5,000 lbs. 3" 20" 26"
     RFJ-10TL 20,000 lbs. 7" 23" 61"
     RBJ-25TL 55,000 lbs. 7-1/8" 14-3/4" 30"

    For general purpose, day-to-day jacking, all-around solid lifters such as the RFJ-3T Garage Floor Jack and RFJ-3TP Garage Floor Jack are both excellent choices. For shops with tight working schedules looking to maintain minimal floor to floor times, a quick-pump garage floor jacks like the RFJ-3TQP Quick Jack and RFJ-3000AL Racing Jack are highly desirable.

    On the other hand, if you find yourself maintaining and repairing more than your average amount of custom, low-profile vehicles, then you'll definitely appreciate the low ground clearance lifting power on the RFJ-3000LPF Low-Profile Garage Floor Jack or RFJ-2TX Low-Profile Shop Jack.

    Finally, for super-duty, heavy lifting applications, Ranger is proud to offer the incredible RBJ-25TL Air-Bottle Garage Floor Jack and the RFJ-10TL Long-Frame Floor Jack. If these incredible pieces of garage equipment don't do the job, it's time to start considering a BendPak truck lift or car lift.

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