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You never have to say, "now what?" again.
BendPak Inc. serves more than half a million satisfied customers worldwide. Our award-winning Certified Service™ program is how we keep those customers smiling long after the initial purchase of their garage equipment product. When the unexpected happens, BendPak Certified Service™ is your first and final step towards making it right.

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Experience Counts
No other full service equipment provider has the industry and technology know-how that has developed over our 50 year history. Our global network of service centers provides service and support to over 350,000 customers worldwide.

Whether you're in Australia or almost anywhere around the globe, an entire fleet of fully-equipped service vehicles is standing by to dispatch a mobile factory-trained technician or service provider unit to your location, if needed.


Our on-site experts are trained and qualified to perform warranty services, equipment repairs, inspections, preventative maintenance and part replacement with unparalleled speed and efficiency, right there on your premises.

Customer Care Center (CCC)

BendPak’s Customer Care Center (CCC) offers over-the-phone troubleshooting of equipment, installation and service related problems. If a resolution cannot be promptly reached over the phone, a factory technician or on-site service provider is dispatched with replacement parts in-hand, to resolve the situation on-site. BendPak’s technical support staff has direct access to tools, equipment and/or necessary manufacturer’s technical and engineering resources and support to resolve any complex technical issue quickly.


National Depot Repair Center
Our highly trained staff provides quality, cost-effective and timely services for a comprehensive variety of products. With a focus on hydraulic and electrical repair, our national depot repair center provides an excellent addition to our on-site support capacity.

Inspection and Maintenance
BendPak / Ranger offers a variety of flexible, responsive, and customer focused service offerings. With several different response options and on-site or depot choices, our customers may select maintenance plans with local service providers.

For those customers whose applications are critical but desire on-site service and support, we provide repair service solutions on a per-case basis. Service is delivered to companies and billed as incurred. Customers are invoiced for labor Time and Parts used. Our global service providers are available at a moment’s notice to perform installations, relocations and moves, upgrades, refurbishment, and other special services.

Scope and Coverage

BendPak / Ranger has an international service support team with factory trained authorized service personnel on six continents and in over 70 countries. Our service response time is considered the best in the industry. BendPak’s Australian service facility offers coverage in the Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand.


Web-Based Service Call Program
BendPak / Ranger is currently working on providing a web-based service call program that will empower customers to manage many service functions online.

Large Parts Inventory
BendPak’s "Spare-in-the-Air" repair strategy provides overnight or even sooner replacement of parts. With a single phone call, our expert service teams will work expeditiously to identify the equipment problem and facilitate its timely repair or part replacement.  Our comprehensive spares inventory and partnerships with industry-leading service providers ensure the quickest possible turnaround. What’s more, BendPak’s warehouse and shipping processes are state-of-the-art. BendPak’s Logistics Support Team verifies availability, inventory, shipping and delivery from start to finish.

We have detailed diagrams of all equipment assemblies which help you identify just what part you are looking for. We’re committed to having the replacement parts and resources, in the right place, at the right time, to provide rapid solutions our customers expect.

Customer Satisfaction Survey
Since 1997, BendPak has conducted annual customer surveys to ensure that we continue to provide and improve upon the best service in the industry. By comparing current performance to that of the past, we are provided with an important measure of success to evaluate the effectiveness of improvement initiatives.


ClickServe™- Service at Your Fingertip

BendPak Ranger has a network of dealers and resellers throughout Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand, who are authorized to provide support on BendPak-Ranger Products both in and out of warranty. This support may include facilitation of BendPak-Ranger repair and / or in-store repair.

In the event that you need a replacement part, BendPak's "Spare in the Air" repair strategy provides overnight-or-sooner part replacement. Our comprehensive spares inventory and partnerships with industry-leading service providers ensure the quickest possible turnaround. What's more, BendPak's warehouses and shipping processes are state-of-the-art. A logistics support team verifies availability, inventory, shipping and delivery from start to finish. So when you buy BendPak, you're getting more than great automobile service equipment. You're getting peace of mind.

The BendPak / Ranger technical support staff is located in the same facilities as our engineers, manual writers and assemblers, giving you unprecedented access to the men and women who designed the very equipment you're calling about. Our tools, equipment and necessary technical resources are 100% available to you, so any complex technical issue is resolved without delay. You aren't going to find this kind of convenient, dedicated support anywhere else besides BendPak / Ranger.

Our reputation is one of not only legendary products, but legendary technical support. We're obsessed with making sure that you are a BendPak / Ranger fan for life, so we give you the very best after-sales support in the world. It's both our pleasure and our specialty. The moment you purchased a product from BendPak / Ranger, you became part of a family of folks who have a passion for automobiles and service equipment, just like you. We're just happy to take care of our own and committed to making it as easy as possible to solve your equipment issues. With BendPak's award-winning Certified Service™ program, it's step 1 and you're done!

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