Worldwide Legacy

Our story began back in 1965 with the opening of QMA, Quality Machine & Associates. The new business, wholly owned and operated by Don Henthorn, quickly gained a reputation as the premier manufacturer specialized in precision machine work and servicing customers like Rocketdyne, Rockwell and Hughes Aircraft. In 1979, QMA began development on its newest project—a hydraulic tubing bender designed for muffler shops. They settled on the brand name BendPak, and a legend was born. Who would have guessed where our devotion to the customer would lead us?

Today, BendPak is the world's leading producer of lifting systems, pipe-benders and air compressors with a global commitment to never settle. Anyplace we’re sold on earth, the BendPak brand is recognized as the badge of quality. That’s because for the past 45 years, we’ve been pioneering service equipment technology, marketing, and training programs, as well as operational and supply systems that are now considered the standard for the entire industry.

We realized all the way back in the mid-60s that you’re either the best in the business or you’re well on your way to going out of business. Second place simply isn’t an option.

It Doesn’t Get Any Better

To see what it takes to be the best equipment maker in the world, we have to take you on a journey below the surface world of the shop floor. Our hoist-building expertise, dedication to craftsmanship, proven designs and refusal to use anything but the highest-graded materials may not be immediately visible to the naked eye, but these core philosophies beat deep inside the steely heart of each of our products. And it is exactly these core philosophies that make BendPak such an outstanding value.

Every BendPak car hoist starts out the same way: as premium-grade materials and components. We don’t discriminate when it comes to size. If it says BendPak on it, people trust it, and we refuse to take chances with that. That’s why, from our smallest to our largest, we build all our models with the utmost care—as if we were going to take it home and work under it that night.

The BendPak benefit is walking away knowing that your lift was built to last. Our durable powder-coat finish resists fading, cracking and blistering; and our columns and integral lifting components hold their shape and remain strong year after year. We continually test and retest our lifting systems at our product development and engineering facility in Santa Paula, CA, and verify standards conformity using ETL, UL, TUV, GOST, ANSI and CE testing laboratories.

The Benchmark of Quality

No one in the industry has a more sophisticated and comprehensive research and quality control program. In fact, our competition looks to us for inspiration, innovation and ingenuity for their own products. Their best ideas always seem to begin at BendPak. As Charles Caleb Colton said, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” So while you may find designs, materials or features in our competitors’ models that appear to be remarkably similar, don’t be fooled. BendPak pioneered and engineered them right here in California. Over the course of our 45-year history, we’ve been refining and improving our technology know-how the whole time. Experience counts, and our trained and certified engineering staff alone averages over 25 years of industry experience.

BendPak has been building automotive service equipment the right way, the best way, with the best materials and components for longer than anyone else. We lead, they follow. Any honest person in this industry will readily admit that. From top to bottom, no lifting system has more quality, durability or longevity engineered into it than a BendPak.

Our tradition at BendPak is to start with the very best to bring you the very best—and then give you even more.

A Full Range of Options

Some companies seem to pride themselves on doing things the same way, year after year. Why? Technology is shaping and re-shaping our industry by the minute. Trudging the same old territory only guarantees a circular pattern of footprints, not a superior product. Today’s vehicles are more sophisticated than ever; so are the men and women who service them. The equipment has to keep up with—or in the case of BendPak—lead the front edge of available technology or suffer the fate of irrelevancy. Pipe benders by automotive equipment manufacturer BendPak

In 1997, BendPak sent shockwaves throughout the industry by unveiling an entirely new division of quality automotive equipment united under the banner of Ranger Products. The addition of Ranger’s broad array to the BendPak family represented a gigantic step forward in our efforts to become a diverse, full-service, single-source provider for emerging vehicle repair markets. Ranger’s extensive suite of manufacturing facilities and engineering capabilities placed BendPak’s already impressive lead over the competition into astronomical figures.

Ranger has already become a trusted, sought-after name in the highly-competitive world of wheel service. But we aren’t about to stop there. To this day, Ranger progressively deepens its resources and extends its product lines, all to increase the value offered to our customers. Our product development strategy, combined with advanced research and design expertise, makes Ranger one of the most dynamic players in an increasingly wide spectrum of automotive service markets.

Ranger’s current product offering consists of tire and wheel service equipment; hydraulic jacks, cranes and stands; tool storage and benches; spray wash systems and a variety of specialty service tools. But just like the products themselves, don’t expect this list to remain stagnant. The minds behind Ranger look at the global marketplace and see opportunity for enhancement, advancement and growth everywhere—even outside of the transportation industry. Our highest priority remains squarely on identifying new niches, adding more engineering substance to our products and services, capturing market share and empowering our brand.

They say, "innovate or disintegrate." From the way we do business, BendPak / Ranger is going to be here for a very, very long time. In early 2010, Managing Automation Magazine honored BendPak with the prestigious Progressive Manufacturing 100 Award, placing BendPak on the short list of innovative manufacturing companies alongside organizations like Cisco, Pepsi, Northrop Grumman, General Motors, Siemens, IBM and Xerox Corp.

BendPak / Ranger was the only car hoist manufacturer to receive the PM100 in 2010.

Thank You

To all our customers, past, present and future, we extend our warmest thanks for making us the world’s leading automotive service equipment provider for the last 45 years. Of all of our accomplishments, we are proudest of having the trust of men and women who work with our equipment every day. For those who find their calling in a profession or hobby that still can only be mastered through honest hard work, know that you are truly the backbone of this industry. Without your caring craftsmanship and undying love of all things automotive, BendPak wouldn’t be here today. We have never forgotten that.

Our promise has always been to support you in every way possible, just as you have always supported us. We renew that pledge every time you hear a friendly voice on the other end of the line say, "Thank you for calling BendPak, how can we help you today?"


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