A Word From Our Founder & Leader

Don Henthorn

During this past decade, we’ve experienced extraordinary growth and change here at BendPak, thanks largely to our continued commitment to teamwork, technology-focused product strategies and to our policy of placing the trust of our customers above all else. We’ve successfully reached key milestones, tripled our sales both globally and domestically, increased research and development initiatives, achieved significant technological advancements and strengthened our position as the premier manufacturer and developer of automotive service equipment. Even in the face of challenging economic conditions, we’re finding new ways to take advantage of the evolving industry landscape to ensure BendPak remains the brightest light on the hill.

The upcoming years will be exciting as we continue to broaden our business efforts and move from promise to product. We’ve set increasingly ambitious goals for ourselves, but we have the intense vision and resources to achieve them. We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to bring specialty products to niche markets, and we know the steps we need to take are simply an extension of what we have been doing successfully since our inception. Simultaneously, we plan to continue responding to market challenges and expand our lines of service equipment with products boasting enhanced feature sets in order to engage a wider customer base. Consequently, we have set an aggressive timeline for the development of new products to fulfill our commitment of "total lifting solution."

One of our customers has described our multi-decade success story as, "more a marathon than a sprint." We take pride in this characterization and embrace it as the philosophy for our operations and planning. A successful business is built on sustainable, reliable growth, so we’ll happily choose a strong, steadfast burn over a momentary flash any day. In recent years, we’ve grown our business substantially, yet managed to never waver from our promise to deliver the very best service to our valued customers.

Our progress in the immediate future will be measured in terms of our ability to forge strategic alliances in the global marketplace. These partnerships will provide BendPak with a broader perspective and unique avenues through which to launch products for a broad spectrum of applications. Regardless of whether these prospective alliances offer complementary technologies or attractive opportunities for market penetration, we plan to be highly selective and pursue only those relationships that will yield the best long-term value for all parties involved—and that includes the customer.

An electric climate of change has come to our business environment and we hope you feel it too. Our goals are aggressive, yet achievable. We say this with the confidence that only 45 years of excellence can afford. BendPak is building the automotive tools of tomorrow. We hear the markets’ demands and we are ready to meet their challenges. We know what’s coming around the bend and we couldn’t be more excited. Watch us closely; the next five years will be a defining notch in BendPak’s timeline.

I praise each of our employees for making these past years such an exhilarating success, even in turbulent times. I would also like to extend my thanks to our customers and our suppliers for their unfailing sense of devotion, responsibility, guidance and support, without which our flame would surely have burnt itself out long ago.

Donald Henthorn


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