• Large 3” Die Package – Optional
    • Small 3” Die Package – Optional
    • Card System Complete with Rotation Dial / Computer CD

    Accessories, Dies and Tooling for BendPak Exhaust Pipe Benders

    BendPak carries a complete line of accessories, bending dies and tooling to increase productivity on every BendPak pipe and tubing benders. We have a wide assortment of pipe bender tooling and die sets available for all popular bending and pipe forming applications. BendPak bending dies and tooling are machined from the highest quality hardened tool steel using computer-controlled machining processes to ensure that our dies and tooling are the most precise and durable dies available in the industry.

    Our three inch bending dies are a fine example of our commitment to quality. No other manufacturer uses our exclusive step-cut process for the die rails that actually helps contain the larger size tubing better and gives you a more uniform bend.

    If you’re looking for quick expanding, precise forming and capital end shaping, check out our exclusive clampless swager that puts out an incredible force of over 30,000 pounds for quick and precise end forming and a high degree of accuracy for both I.D. and ODD. Expansions, slip-fits, flares, ball-joints, reductions, and manifold flanges. All tooling is quick release.

    Our internal segment expanders can be used for both I.D. and ODD. expansions, slip-fits, flares, ball-joints, and manifold flanges. A single arbor is used for all tubing sizes 1-1/2” - 3”.


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