Two Post Car Hoist Comparison

BendPak® XPR-10ACX vs. Rotary® SPOA10

*Design features and specifications are subject to change. Please consult factories for updates.
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Recently, Rotary distributed a document favorably comparing a Rotary two-post vehicle hoist to a BendPak. Never ones to back down from a challenge, the BendPak engineering team responded the only way they knew how—with a thorough investigation of their own. After exhaustively reviewing the merits of both BendPak and Rotary standard 10,000-lb. capacity asymmetric two-post hoists, the BendPak boys released the following report. In it, critical design features are compared, evaluated and illustrated in broad detail. The findings were enlightening, to say the least.

BendPak Two Post Lift Report

Column / Front

Two Post Column Comparison

Column / Side BendPak Two Post Lift Comparison

Column / Side Bottom

Rotary Two Post Lift Comparison

Column / Rear Bottom

Two Post Lift Comparison

Column / Bottom Sheave

BendPak Sheave Rollers

Column / Base Plate

Two Post Baseplate

Column Assembly / BendPak® on Scale

BendPak Column Assembly

Column Assembly / Rotary® on Scale

Rotary Column Assembly

Carriage / Front

BendPak Carriage

Carriage / Rear

Rotary Carriage

Carriage / Top View

BendPak Slide Blocks

Carriage / Top Dimensions

BendPak Carriage Dimensions

Carriage / Safety Lock Thickness

BendPak Safety Locks

Carriage / UHMW Slide Blocks

Rotary Slide Blocks

Carriage / Pin Hole Location

BendPak Pin Hole Location

Carriage / Arm Attachment Location

Arm Attachment Location

Carriage / Top Plate Thickness

Top Plate Carriage Thickness

Carriage / Arm Restraints

BendPak Arm Restraints

Carriage / BendPak® on Scale

BendPak Carriage Weight

Carriage / Rotary® on Scale

Rotary Carriage Weight

Arms / Side Detail

BendPak Lift Arms

Arms / Side Detail

Rotary Lift Arms

Arms / Reach / Retracted

BendPak Arm Reach

Arms / Reach / Extended

Rotary Arm Reach

Arms / Contruction

BendPak Arm Construction

Arms / Contruction / Thickness

BendPak Arm Thickness

Arms / Contruction / Method

Construction Method

Arms / Construction / Underside

Underside Lift Arm Construction

Arms Set / BendPak® on Scale

Weight of BendPak Arm Set

Arms Set / Rotary® on Scale

Weight of Rotary Arm Set

Top Beam / Sheave Detail

BendPak Top Beam Detail

Top Beam / Beam Construction

Rotary Top Beam Construction

Top Beam / Top View

Top Beam Two Post Lift

Hydraulic Cylinder / Rod End

*Throttle valve opens to 100% max pump flow during hoist rise then closes and reduces flow during decent only.

BendPak Cylinder

Hydraulic Cylinder / Thickness

Rotary Cylinder Thickness

Hydraulic Cylinder / Full View

Rotary BendPak Cylinder Comparison

Equalizer Cables

Two Post Lift Equalizer Cables

Cable Sheaves

Two Post Lift Cable Sheaves

Power Unit

BendPak Power Unit

Features-Specifications Comparison


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