Russell Stoltz, Controller

Russel Stoltz Controller BendPak

Russell (or "Russ," as his friends say) got his career off to the right start, graduating summa cum laude from Chapman University. He enlisted in the US Air Force in 1985 and left ten years later in 1995. He got a job on the bottom rung of the Accounting and Finance ladder at a mid-size oil and gas distribution company in Orange County, CA. There he spent the next seven years progressing up the proverbial food chain through a convoluted series of job changes and promotions, and due to a clerical error, he wound up Controller of PTI Advanced Technologies, Inc. in Oxnard, CA. He spent six years—and survived two buyouts by successively larger corporate conglomerates—before leaving PTI to expand his horizons.

A real go-getter with a healthy resume ​to boot, Russ served as CFO and COO of a small software company in Ventura, CA from 2006 to 2010. He left after finding a role at BendPak, where he does a little bit of everything, including annual tax preparation, supply chain management, Human Resources development, new building construction and legal administration.