Soap 20 lbs. 20-lb. Aluma-Klean Soap Bucket
Ranger 20 pound soap bucket
When you use Ranger's premium line of spray wash cabinets, you're going to need a lot of soap. Look no further than Ranger's Aluma-Klean Spray-Wash Detergent, designed specifically for all your spray wash needs. Removes oil, stains and grease with ease!
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    Ranger Aluma-Klean Spray-Wash Detergent is a non-foaming, low pH, mild-alkali, water soluble, powdered detergent especially formulated for high pressure cabinet cleaners. Incredible cleaning action removes grease, oil, baked on stains, carbon, protein and even some paints. Should be used by experienced operators only. Be sure to test wash all parts before using this product and remember; excessive contact, heat or cleaning times may cause pitting or blackening of some metals.

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    See the material data safety sheet on Ranger's Aluma-Klean recirculating detergent.

    • Non-foaming
    • Low pH
    • Mild alkali
    • Water soluble
    • Powdered
    • Specially formulated
    • Removes grease, oil, stains, carbon, protein, some paints

    • Soap weight: 20 lbs.
    • Shipping weight: 30 lbs.
    Ranger 20 pound soap bucket
    Ranger 20 pound soap bucket

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