RML-750HD DISCONTINUED - Motorcycle Lift Platform with Front Wheel Vise
Ranger RML-750HD motorcycle lift
The RML-750HD Motorcycle Lift Platform offers more features than any other small vehicle jack platform on the market. Ideal for working on motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, garden tractors, and more.

    Motorcycle Lift - RML-750HD Deluxe Lifting

    The RML-750HD dual-functioning, premium motorcycle lift table and ramp is the best motorcycle lift on the market today. With a tremendous 1,500-lb. lifting capacity, the Ranger RML-750HD Motorcycle Lift is able to easily accommodate almost any motorcycle, bike or chopper in existence. Use this motorcycle lift for service, maintenance, cleaning or simply as an eye-catching display for your pride and joy.

    Nowhere will you find a Motorcycle / ATV lift more equipped to handle all of your service, repair, maintenance and hobby needs. In addition to its outstanding 1,500-lb. lifting capacity, the RML-750HD employs a dual functioning pump, allowing the user to either manually pump that motorcycle lift machinery with your foot, or stand back and let your in-shop air compressor do the job--the choice is all yours. The RML-750HD Motorcycle Lift also features heavy-duty 12-gauge steel construction to stand the test of time, while built-in retractable swivel casters gives you the power to move this motorcycle lift with ease—even when it’s loaded to capacity. Now you can keep bikes stowed in the corner for long-term projects or simply up off the cold, damp concrete during freezing winter months with the RML-750HD Motorcycle / ATV lift from Ranger.

    Taking a motorcycle from 7” off the ground to a comfortable working height of 43” has never been more convenient and hassle-free because the RML-750HD Motorcycle Lift is one of the tallest motorcycle lifters in the industry. Giving you even more room to work and play, our motorcycle lift table measures a spacious 80-1/2 inches long by 29-1/2 inches wide, while the entire unit comes standard with a stabilizing front wheel vise, retracting rear wheel deck for wheel service, two extra long drive-up ramps (plus included extension!), and two rear support poles. If that wasn’t enough, we also include two 11” bolt-on side extensions with each RML-750HD Motorcycle Lift we ship. With the extensions in place, your wrenching work area becomes an astounding 88-1/2 inches long by 53 inches wide! That's the largest capacity we've ever heard of and we dare you to need more. To top it all off, the RML-750HD Motorcycle lift comes with the very same automatic safety locks that continue the industry standard for reliability and security when operating a motorcycle lift.

    Without a doubt, the RML-750HD Motorcycle Lift is loaded with Ranger's finest materials and most convenient innovations. Plus, this beast isn't too hard on the eyes either. The red powder-coat finish brings a combination of style and protective durability to this already impressive motorcycle lift.

    The RML-750HD Motorcycle Lift raises a full 36” from its lowered height, but if for any reason you want to work on that bike or ATV at an even higher altitude, just combine this motorcycle lift with the RML-1100 jack accessory and you'll be good to go.
    • Built-in retractable swivel casters—can be moved when loaded
    • Full travel automatic safety locks
    • Heavy 12-gauge steel construction
    • Single hydraulic lifting cylinder
    • Dual function power unit: air or hydraulic pump operation
    • Approach ramp extension for loading low clearance bikes
    • Durable powder coat finish
    • Reversible bolt-on side extensions can be also used as parts trays
    • Retracting rear wheel deck
    • Multiple locking positions allows for various working heights
    • Includes rear support poles. Use the support poles in conjunction with straps to suspend rear of bike for free wheel work

    • Includes:
      • (1) Lift unit
      • (2) 11" bolt-on side extensions
      • (1) Front wheel vise
      • (1) Pump unit
      • (2) Drive-up ramps
      • (1) Ramp extension
      • (2) Rear support poles
    • Lifting capacity: 1,500 lbs. / 748 kg
    • Lowered height: 7" / 178 mm
    • Platform raised height: 43" / 1092 mm
    • Length – main lifting table: 80-1/2" / 2044 mm
    • Length – with side extensions: 88-1/2" / 2248
    • Width – main lifting table: 29-1/2" / 749 mm
    • Width – with side extensions: 53" / 1346 mm
    • Shipping weight: 734 lbs. / 334 kg
    • Shipping dimensions: 31" x 89" x 29" / 787 mm x 2261 mm x 737 mm
    Ranger RML-750HD motorcycle lift
    Ranger RML-750HD motorcycle lift
    Lowered RML-750HD motorcycle lift
    Ranger motorcycle lift
    RML-750HD wheel casters for mobility
    RML-750HD safety lock assembly
    RML-750HD power unit pump assembly

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    What customers are saying about Motorcycle Lifts by Ranger Products

    "My wife bought me a Ranger from BendPak this summer, use it almost daily now to work on all my bikes. It's a great value and I am impressed with the quality. I shopped around, it came with side extensions, wheel vise, front extension, ramps, basically everything you need to service a bike or quad or small tractor. I got the basic model, lifts up to 1,200 lbs (or was it 1,400), is air powered, and will lift my RKC with no problem with very little (sub 100psi) air pressure."

    - Endoz on hdforums

    "The BendPak that we have is the RML750 which comes with the scissor jack, side extensions and support posts. Don't recall the exact cost but it was over a thousand shipped. It's like the Cadillac of lifts."

    - 97-FXSTSB on cyclespot

    "My only regret is that I didn't buy a table years ago...Notice how the lift has a frame that is always on the ground - the table is completely stable as it goes up and down. I don't have any problems getting up on the table with the bike to work on something. Also how many lifts have retractable casters and that are built in that will allow you to easily move the whole lift around while it is loaded? Nothing like wheeling the whole thing out in the driveway for a little degreasing and cleaning up."

    - GitSum_ on advrider

    "All of our car & bike lifts here are from BendPak. Good stuff. The bike lifts come with the little mini scissor lift which is what I like to use (pics in my gallery)."

    - 97-FXSTSB on cyclespot


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    Quick Specs

    Lifting capacity: 1,500 lbs.
    Lowered height: 7"
    Raised height: 43"
    Table length: 80-1/2"
    Table width: 29-1/2"
    Shipping weight: 734 lbs.
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