• Portable Evaporative Air Cooler
    • Rolling Work Seat
    • Bubble Wheel Balancer
    • Manual Tyre Changer
    • 1,100-lb. Engine Support
    • 1,500-lb. Engine Support
    • 1-Ton Folding Engine Stand
    • 2-Ton Folding Shop Crane

    Garage Equipment

    BendPak car lifts, Ranger tire changers and BendPak air compressors are all great, but they do not a complete garage make. If you’re looking to round out your garage’s arsenal with quality garage equipment, you need to take a look at Ranger’s deluxe line of premium automotive equipment products. Where else are you going to find small material benders heavy-duty engine stands, hoists, cross beams, wheel balancers, specialty small diameter tire changers, rugged creepers and workbenches, all under one name? Nowhere but Ranger. Our excellent line of general garage equipment adds practical versatility and comfort to any garage environment at a price well below similar items offered by the competition.

    Type of Product
     CB-30L Evaporative Air Cooler
     RST-1WS Rolling work seat
     RWS-1B Portable bubble balancer
     RWS-2TC Manual tire changer
     RWS-3TC Manual tire changer
     RST-500ESD Engine support beam
     RST-500ES Engine support beam
     RES-1TF Engine stand
     RSC-2TF Shop crane

    When you need to bend pipe for an exhaust system or similar project, then you know to purchase a BendPak Pipe Bender. But what if you need to bend something a little smaller and more delicate? That’s when you need Ranger’s excellent RB-1ST Small Materials Bender. Not only does it adapt to a range of sizes and styles, but it also easily mounts on your work bench.

    For comfort and mobility, nothing beats Ranger’s selection of padded rolling work equipment. The Ranger RST-1C is a capable rolling creeper that’s soft, rugged and sturdy, while the Ranger RST-1WS Rolling Work Seat reduces back strain and simultaneously gives you a close-at-hand tool tray that stays with you no matter where you roll. For rolling of a different kind, Ranger also offers lines of manual tire changers and manual wheel balancers for precise wheel service on-the-go. The Ranger RWS-1B is an accurate bubble wheel balancer, featuring a spring-loaded cone that aligns itself, guided rods made of plated steel, a hardened pivot pin and a cast pivot seat. Made of light-weight durable aluminum, take the RWS-1B with you for roadside service. On the other side of wheel service, Ranger’s mini and manual tire changers are a great value for anyone looking to do quick tire changes at home or on the road. Designed specifically to change tires on ATVs and other small-tire vehicles, the Ranger RWS-2TC is a mighty little tire changer that easily changes most small diameter tires in mere minutes. For more common tire sizes, but the same great manual changing power of the RWS-2TC, check out the Ranger RWS-3TC Manual Tire Changer. Rugged, mobile and efficient, this tire changer efficiently breaks beads and performs mounting / demounting tasks at a fraction of the cost.

    Finally, Ranger’s robust engine hoisting equipment keeps your engine safe and sound during drops and swaps. For lifting a heavy-duty engine, you need a heavy-duty hydraulic folding engine hoist from Ranger. The Ranger 8-ton capacity RSC-2TF shop crane features an adjustable boom, a strong steel ram and six casters for smooth rolling. When you’re finished, just fold up the Ranger RSC-2TF Engine Crane and place it in the corner of your garage for safe keeping. To hold an engine up off the ground, try the Ranger RES-1TF 1-ton capacity rolling engine stand. The Ranger RES-1TF Rolling Engine Stand boasts a sturdy base and a convenient 360° swivel claw for precise positioning and flawless operation. And if you need a quality, high-capacity engine support beam, Ranger’s got you covered there too. The Ranger RST-500ES is designed for incredible adaptability with threaded adjustable chain hooks and telescoping side foot pads. Whether you’re dropping a sub-frame or working on a transmission, the RST-500ES Engine Support Beam is a user-friendly time saver that every garage can benefit from.

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