BendPak's Quatra Series True-Vertical Scissor Car Lifts

The XR-12000A Quatra™ True-Vertical Scissors Alignment Lift

Is it just us, or has the phrase "think outside the box" lost its meaning? Don't get us wrong, we're all for the unorthodox approach. In fact we've built a legacy on it. But it seems like all of this "outside the box" business has been bandied about so much that it's ended up right back where it started. Squarely inside the box.

So here's what we were thinking. Let's go back and take a peek inside this much-hated box to remind ourselves what it is exactly we're running from. If you're working beneath a traditional alignment lift, the box consists of obstacles to your left, your right, in front of you, behind you and above you. Your box is a cage. And as any cubicle zombie can tell you, it's hard to do your best work from inside a cage.

We know that's not the gig you signed on for, so BendPak's here to spring you from the slammer. But instead of plotting some insane "outside the box" escape involving underwater explosives or dangling three feet above a sleeping attack hippo, we did something wildly conventional. We knocked down the walls. Then we took out a big chunk of the ceiling by disconnecting the runways. And wouldn't you know it? By the time we were done, there was no box left to think outside of.

Introducing the Quatra™ alignment scissors lift by BendPak. Room to roam.

The Quatra™ series scissor alignment scissor lift is a true revolution in lifting technology. With its unique quad-opposing scissors, the Quatra XR-12000A effectively eliminates restrictive arm structures to give technicians unrivaled multi-directional freedom beneath the lift. Despite the massive under-lift work area and unobstructed vehicle access, the Quatra™ manages to maintain an astoundingly compact footprint ideal for smaller service bays thanks to its perfect vertical lift.
Quatra™ delivers:

» A massive work space below the lift.
» Greater freedom to move around the runways.
» Unobstructed access to the front, rear and sides.
» Complete unhindered wheel alignment
» Compatibility with leading alignment instruments.
» Full-floating front radius plates.
» Oversized rear slip-plates.
» Full spectrum 360°° vehicle support.
» Extendable, hinged, collapsible, stowable ramps.
» Fast and efficient true vertical lifting.


Quatra Rack Solo.png
Black-80.png The fastest way up is straight up. Quatra series alignment car lifts offer an unheard of straight-up vertical lifting path. Regular parallelogram style scissors lifts require more floor space due to lateral lifting flaws built in to their designs. We constructed the Quatra with no forward or rearward movement to preserve an incredibly compact footprint to fit smaller service bays and work areas.
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