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See what car guys and gals everywhere are saying about car hoists and automotive equipment from BendPak/Ranger.

"Quality is superb, all welds are beautiful, and their support was responsive."

- PeterK on British Car Forum

"I have a BendPak four post lift and couldn't work on cars without it.

- oldmodman on SVT Performance

"I have had my BP for 5 years and use it 2-3 days a week average with no problems yet."

- Nutty 5.0 on SVT Performance

"Purchased a Bend-Pak 2 post Asymmetrical lift for 2900 installed. Has worked out great and is made in America. Works just as good as all the Rotary lifts I have ever used..."

- Tampa03cobra SVT Performance

"I have a Bend Pak 4 post lift with a 12 foot and it's great. Nothing I can't do (even the wife's mini-van). I park my cobra on the top and my other car underneath it every day. Goes up/down in about 45 secs. Run 220V as I believe the 120V are slower. It uses compressed air as a safety latch as well. No air, no going down, so might as well plumb that in too. It will also open up an entirely new way to suck money from you on accessories (or plenty of gift options). Trans Jacks, Stands, Oil Storage, Bottle Jacks, Auto jack options, etc etc etc."

- Fangz on SVT Performance

"...I put in a 4-post Bend-Pak car lift that moves the work to any height position that's needed. The Bend-Pak is incredible."

- Big Sled on HD Forums

"And now, after more research and speaking to BOTH companies, I'm leaning back to BendPak. They are a nationally and internationally recognized company, have many satisfied customers, all the goods (lock systems, etc) and answered all my questions. They also have the high lift (81"), low profile ramps, etc."

- e-tek on Garage Journal

"There is a reason why in most shops you will see BendPak, quality!"

- FLATBUSH on Smokin Vette

"I can't say enough good things about this lift table. Again, the initial cost may be high, but when you add up the extras that are included in the price, the 1650 lb capacity, etc, it is a great value. Also, Ranger is a division of BendPak and their customer service is unbelievable. I had some minor issues but BendPak bent over backwards and made it right!"

- Git on Garage Journal

"I have the Bendpak MD6XP and I love it…"

- IanO on s2ki

"I'm leaning towards bend pak..."

- RCautoworks on Honda-Tech

"I have had a Bend-Pak HD9 9000 lb four post lift since December 2004. I've basically been happy with it. It has worked fine and required little maintenance."

- heinzd01 on Camaro 5

"I'm super happy with mine. I've had it for 5 years, and it goes up and down on average two or three times a week. (Pretty typical hobbyist duty) So far, I've never had a single problem. Cables are still in great shape, the ram is smooth and doesn't leak. All I have to do is give it an occasional spray of light lube. I pulled the bearing pins this spring to check for wear, and there was none. I do have 220V service to it though, so it's quicker than a 110V unit."

- Surf Green on VW Vortex

"I have a Bend Pak lift for the past 6 years, and it is superior to most other brands on the market. You will not be disappointed. you get what you pay for. Built like a tank."

- viperdrew on Ferrari Chat

"I have had a Bend Pak 4 post for over 12 years now and very happy with it."

- ptwohey on Corvette Forum

"Bend Pak is good stuff."

- Torque1st on Ford-Trucks

"I have 2 12K BendPacks and they lift cars with no problem. I have lifted Hondas, Mercedes, Jaguars, Caddy's and you name it."

- Mike L. on Duramax Diesels 

"I picked up my scissor lift down in Southern Cal last weekend and drove it home to the Bay Area in the back of my pickup. I rented an engine hoist to lift it out of my truck bed and set it on the garage floor. I am very impressed so far...The welding and construction look top notch, it was awesome to see my 993 raised 4 feet in the air in my garage! Now I am ready to tackle Jeff's suspension DIY!"

- pstraub on Rennlist

"...the BendPak is well made and worth the little bit more than the other units available."

- Nice91 on Miata Net

"I have a bend pak lift. It is the full height, (12' 8"), 7500# version. We have had it for 12 years. I have never had a problem with the lift as far as the quality or it's capabilities. I haven't heard of anyone complain about the quality of a bend pak."

- powerrodsmike on Hot Rodders

"I know a few fellas that have your lifts and they let me use them every now and then. As long as I've known them they have never had a problem!"

- Man Up on Smokin Vette

"I chose BendPak because of the excellent pre-sales customer support."

- ghlkal on Garage Journal

"That Bendpak to Rotary pdf comparo says quite a bit. I think BenPak would be very high on my list!"

- Moriartii on Camaro5

"I have owned a BendPak lift since 1993 and have had zero problems."

- JIMBO on Ferrari Chat

"Have a BP HD-9 for over three years... Great for parking, working and with the wheels- moveable... Has a rolling jack to lift wheels for brake jobs etc."

- MAD IN NC on Corvette Forum

"Used bend pack for years, good lifts. 10,000 two post does the job well."

- bfletcher on Duramax Diesels

"Excellent choice! I also have a Bend Pak HD9 and couldnt be happier!"

- DSOM4ME on Corvette Forum

"I've had the same lift for about 6 - 7 mos. now. Works very well."

- 993BillW on Rennlist

"I dont have the cons the mohawk has and i got a heck of alot more pros. he wishs he had a bendpak now lol."

- dawg on Garage Journal

"Bend Pak HD9 9000. Have Jack Plate and rollers for each post. Has worked flawlessly."

- speedster on Camaro 5

"It's a Bend-Pak MD6-XP. I've had it for about 8 years now....It has been flawless and very versatile. I've lifted lots of different cars with it and never an issue..One of the best investments I've ever made....."

- modshack on the370z

"I've had a Bend Pak scissor lift for a couple of years and have been very pleased with its versatility... All in all, I'm very happy with it so far.. I should have bought this 5 years ago."

- HIRISC on 6speedonline

"I have three of their twin post lifts and have owned one of their portable units; well made, backed up by service and good value for the money...."

- JFP on ppbb

"What a great thing to have. I've tested it with my 5,800lbs Tahoe and it did not even moan… I've basically turned my two car garage into a three car garage because I can fit my wife's Miata under the NSX when it's up in the air… For the money it's the best thing I've ever bought for my car."

- Aluminsx on nsxprime

"Having a lift went from the "nice to have" to the "need to have" category if I want to continue working on my cars…I lifted the Caterham this afternoon and with it at full lift I can walk anywhere under the car without having to duck my head except under the lift arms themselves. It's going to make maintenance and repair so much easier. I also noticed the car is getting quite dirty under there."

- Skip Cannon on miata.net

"Bendpak mid rise lift was my choice. Great quality, easy to use, portable. Best for doing work on the car and least intrusive. If you don't like it, sell it and try a 4 post."

- Dan Morton on pelican parts

"The LR-60P is the same one I've had for about 12 years. Excellent hoist, IMO. I think I paid about $1200 back then, and it has been worth every penny. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Believe me, it pays for itself with convenience and peace of mind in no time. It used to take me longer to jack the vehicle up and down than to do some jobs. Now it takes about 20 seconds to get about 3 ft. off the ground."

- 90grandoneer on jeepforum

"I've had a Bendpak scissor for about 5 years now. I've got ramps that I pull up on and park the 911 over it. There is no issue with any access. I even used to work on my 928 on it, changing out the exhaust. It is simply the best tool I've got in my garage."

- efhughes3 on pcasdr


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