• Quatra™ 12,000-lb. Capacity, Scissors Lift
    • 7,000-lb. Capacity, Floor Plate, Turf Lift
    • 7,000-lb. Capacity, Clearfloor, Turf Lift
    • 10,000-lb. Capacity, Low-Rise Lift
    • 6,000-lb. Capacity, Low-Rise Lift
    • 6,000-lb. Capacity, Low-Rise Lift, Portable
    • 6,000 Lb. Capacity, Low-Rise Lift, Pit-Style
    • 6,000 Lb. Capacity, Low-Rise Lift, Pit-Style, Flush Mount
    • 6,000 Lb. Capacity, Mid-Rise, Frame Lift, Portable
    • 7,000-lb. Capacity, Scissors, Frame Engaging
    • 6,000 Lb. Capacity, Open-Center, Mid-Rise Pad Lift
    • 6,000 Lb. Capacity, Flush Mount, Mid-Rise Car Hoist
    • 18,000 Lb. Capacity per Mobile Column Lift
    • Standard BendPak Boat Storage Garage Lift
    • Extra Long BendPak Boat Storage Garage Lift
    • Deluxe-Sized BendPak Boat Storage Garage Lift

    Specialty Hoists

    Why try to force something to adapt to your needs when you can have the genuine article? Special lifting jobs require special hoists/lifts—it's really that simple. BendPak offers a solid line of project-specific vehicle hoists in order to ensure you always have the right equipment for the job, whether it's in your shop, garage or carport.

    A specialty hoist for every special job. Which one suits yours?

     Model Specialty Capacity Lowered
    Quatra XR-12000 True-Vertical Pantograph Lift 12,000-lbs. 11-1/4" 74"
    LR-60 Low-Rise Lift
    6,000-lbs. 4" 26"
    LR-60P Portable Low-Rise Lift
    6,000-lbs. 4" 26"
    P-6B Pit Lift
    6,000-lbs. 4" 26"
    P-6FB Flush-Mount Pit Lift
    6,000-lbs. 4" 26"
    MD-6XP Mid-Rise Lift
    6,000-lbs. 5" 48"
    MDS-6K Open Center, Mid-Rise Pad Lift 6,000-lbs 4.25" 44"
    MDS-6KF  Flush Mount, Mid-Rise Pad Lift 6,000-lbs 4.25" 44"
    SP-7X Scissor Lift
    7,000-lbs. 5" 68"
    XPR-7TR Two-Post Turf Hoist - Clear Floor
    7,000-lbs. 4-1/2" 69"
    XPR-7TRFX Two-Post Turf Hoist- Floor Plate 7,000-lbs. 4-1/2" 69"
    HD-7500BL Boat Hoist
    7,500-lbs. 5" 70"
    Extended Length Boat Hoist
    Extra Tall / Long Boat Hoist
    Mobile Column Lift

    *Sold in linked sets of 2, 4, or 6.

    Paint Color Information

    Our low-rise scissor lifts and mid-rise scissor lifts are perfect for dedicated auto-enthusiasts and service professionals looking to expand their capabilities. These superior designs are simple, safe, rugged and engineered to save you space. If you're looking for lifting power on the go, consider our portable models: the LR-60P Portable Low-Rise Lift and the MD-6XP Portable Mid-Rise Lift. Easily move your lift from bay to bay. BendPak also makes a specialty turf lift for servicing mowers, sprayers, utility vehicles, sand groomers, golf carts and other maintenance vehicles. If your business employs or repairs these vehicles, then be sure to check out the XPR-7TR 7,000-lb. Capacity 2-Post Turf Lift.

    But if you need the absolute heaviest truck lifter we make, look no further than the PCL-16HD Portable Column Lift. These massive hydraulic systems are capable of lifting up to 16,500 pounds per post. And in a six-post configuration, the PCL-16HD Portable Column Lift can raise an astonishing 99,000 pounds! Whatever your lifting puzzle, BendPak always has your lifting solution. Though you may be able to find similar equipment from another manufacturer, don't be fooled. Only the BendPak name carries just as much weight as the lift it's on.

    Use the handy slider at the top of the page to browse and compare our full offering of BendPak Specialty Lifts, or click on another product section using the navigation bar to see something completely different.


    Better Products - Better Service - Better Value
    For more than a decade, America’s best lift has been coupled with the best warranty in the business. Instead of hiding behind a long veil of marketing fluff, we’re proud to deliver our warranty up front for all to see. To make sure we deliver our customers lifting products worthy of our 5-2-1 warranty, we developed our Design-Build-Quality-Deliver directive. This Zero-Tolerance for Defects initiative combined with our 5-2-1 Warranty is BendPak’s way of backing up what we claim. We employ a dedicated team of design engineers who are responsible for detecting and correcting any issue no matter how small before it gets to the customer. Five years is a long time, so we’ve got to get it right before we ship. The best warranty in the business gives you more than just peace of mind; it’s proof that we took a little extra care building your lift and every precaution was taken to maintain the highest degree of quality, dependability and reliability.


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